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Partnering with Top Brands offers a multitude of benefits. With our experienced team and over 55 years of industry
recognition, we are an invaluable resource to any company needing awards or products in their marketing efforts. 


Let our diverse collection of quality brands help move you closer to your business goals. All the key variables, perhaps an unusually diverse demographic mix or an extremely demanding budget (to namejust two possibilities), are analyzed to create a product “package” that makes the most sense for you. 



We treat award selections like ad agencies select media - basing it on your objectives, audience demographics, and budgets - so that you get the maximum impact. Whether you need to select awards for a specific promotion, or a print or online catalog program for ongoing programs, Top Brands can craft precisely the right award or product selection for your corporate needs.


Make an impression with brand-name merchandise from our SOLUTIONS lineup of imprinted products. We know the impact that a high quality imprinted item can make in any promotional effort, and we provide a wide range of products that aren’t your traditional promotional products. With an on-site graphic artist ready to provide you with a professional mockup, we are well positioned to meet your imprinted product demands. To learn more visit our SOLUTIONS website at www.tb-imprints.com.



We understand the power of motivation and will help you harness that power with creative
merchandise solutions. The businesses of today are faced with many challenges; skilled employee retention, escalating healthcare costs and workplace safety initiatives to name a few. That’s where the problem solvers at Top Brands come in. Through our combination of name brand merchandise and ability to see solutions where others see problems we will help you maximize results.





    Our responsive in-house drop-shipping capabilities make sure that we get the products to the recipients efficiently and accurately. We have an experienced staff well-versed in all facets of fulfillment services.


    Whether you require nightly status reports or electronic order acceptance, we have the infrastructure ready to meet your requirements.


    We offer customized packaging as well as personalized inserts/letters/cards or special offers if needed. Need gift wrapping or special shipping requirements? Let’s talk!

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Capitalize on the fulfillment expertise of Top Brands. We offer
fulfillment and delivery as a stand-alone, discrete option.
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