Since they first opened their doors in 1892, Huffy has been focused on finding new and better ways to make a ride for pretty much everyone – that pretty much everyone can afford. Over the years, millions of people (actually, more like tens of millions) around the world have found their reason to ride on a Huffy.  

Innovation and Design

As times change, people change. And as people change, their reasons to ride change. That’s led to several important innovations in the bicycle market – pioneered by Huffy.  

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the Huffy Radio Bicycle appealed to music lovers. It provided a radio built into the tank with the antenna and battery pack on the rear carrier. 

The Huffy Dragster’s new design established the 60’s trend for children’s bicycles. This 20” wheel bicycle had a “banana” seat and high-rise handlebars.  

The Huffy Scout pioneered a new look for the 70’s and became a best seller. This 10-speed, lightweight bicycle featured a narrow racing saddle, dropped-style handlebars, and an American West color scheme.  





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