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Buck Knives  223BLS

Silver Creek™ Fillet Knife

Buck Knives  225BLS

Silver Creek™ Large Fillet Knife

Eagle Claw  04070-001

Fisherman's Tape Measure & Scale

Eagle Claw  10020-002

Classic Bamboo Trout Net

Eagle Claw  CCLSSP

Brave Eagle Spinning Rod/Reel Combo, 2 pc. 5'

Eagle Claw  CG56LS2C

Crafted Glass Spinning Combo 5'6" 2 pc

Eagle Claw  FLUL56S26BC

Featherlight Spinning Combo

Eagle Claw  KTKLBXFW-D

55 Pieece Go Fish Tackle Box Kit

Eagle Claw  KTKLBXSW-D

39 Piece Go Fish Tackle Box Kit

Eagle Claw  MS6025

Water Eagle Fly Combo

Eagle Claw  MS7016

Brave Eagle Spincast Combo

Eagle Claw  MSSB802MS

Surf Beast Spinning Combo 2 Pc. 8' M

Eagle Claw  PEC07052

Spinning Travel Package

Eagle Claw  PEC14618

Saltwater Spinning Package 8'

Eagle Claw  PEC16119

Pack-It Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16125

Fishin' On The Dock Package

Eagle Claw  PK56TS

Packit Spinning Combo

Eagle Claw  PK56TSC

Pack-It Spin Cast Combo GL Telescopic 5'5" 1 Pc.

Eagle Claw  PK66TF

Pack-It Fly Combo 6'6"

Eagle Claw  TK-FRESH

Freshwater Tackle Kit

Eagle Claw  TK-NEECO

81 Piece Go Fish Non-Lead Freshwater Tackle Kit

Eagle Claw  TK-SCOAST

78 Piece Go Fish Saltwater Tackle Kit

Eagle Claw  TMM66S4C

Trailmaster® Spinning Combo

Eagle Claw  CCLSSC

Brave Eagle Spincast Rod/Reel Combo, 2 pc. 5'

Eagle Claw  CG66MS2C

Crafted Glass Spinning Combo 6'6" 2 Pc. M

Eagle Claw  EC1S66MLF2C

2.5 Series 6'6" ML 2 Pc. Spinning Rod & Size...

Eagle Claw  MSSB702MHS

Surf Beast Spin Combo 2 Pc. 7' MH

Eagle Claw  PEC14592

Freshwater Spinning Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16104

Fly Fishing Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16107

Freshwater Powerlight Spinning Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16110

Carded Spin Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16113

Carded Spincast Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16116

Saltwater Spinning Package 7'

Eagle Claw  PEC16122

Pack-It Fly Combo Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16461

Fish Finding Package

Eagle Claw  PEC16464

Find and Fillet Package