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Yankee Candle Ribbonwick Candle - Balsam & Cedar

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Yankee Candle
Yankee Candle - RWC-BA
Ribbonwick Candle - Balsam & Cedar
Must order minimum of $150 in Yankee Candle products in master pack quantities of 6. Enjoy the Balsam & Cedar fragrance (balsam, aromatic cedar wood and juniper berry blend together in a fresh forest scent) with the dancing flame of the 13 oz Ribbonwick candle that sets an inviting ambiance. The special wick creates a "dancing flame" effect. The large wax pool quickly disperses fragrance that fills the room. Low profile glass allows for full display of the flame and the tapered sides and clean lines provide a stylish look. Burns 20-24 hours. 6.5"x6.5"x2"