Below is a list of links to white papers and industry research kindly provided to us by the Performance Improvement Council,  Incentive Marketing Association and the Incentive Federation.

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Enough is Enough: How to Solve Lackluster Sales Performances Once and For AllPDF6/13/2016245.97 KBDownload
How to Engage and Market to MillennialsPDF6/13/2016235.59 KBDownload
Employee Lifetime ValuePDF6/13/2016355.18 KBDownload
Employee Engagement and Its Impact on Brand ValuePDF6/13/2016227.07 KBDownload
Employee Lifetime ValuePDF6/13/2016246.72 KBDownload
Incentive Federation Program Design & Support: End-User SurveyPDF6/13/20161.29 MBDownload
The Benefits of Tangible Non Monetary IncentivesPDF6/13/20163.43 MBDownload
The Economics of RetentionPDF6/13/2016244.63 KBDownload
Sell In or Sell Out: A Unique Approach to Channel Incentive Program DesignPDF6/13/2016208.45 KBDownload
Is Your B2B Marketing Department Tapping the Right TalentPDF6/13/2016512.15 KBDownload
Program Goals and ObjectivesPDF6/13/20162.62 MBDownload
Doing What's Right: Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility into Incentive ProgramsPDF6/13/2016383.63 KBDownload
8 Cultural Imperatives for Workplace SafetyPDF6/13/2016408.14 KBDownload
Award Program SpendingPDF6/13/20164.89 MBDownload
7 Misconceptions about Employee RetentionPDF6/13/2016208.45 KBDownload
Employee Engagement Programs Institutionalize Leadership BehaviorsPDF6/13/2016251.08 KBDownload
10 Tips for Motivating and Engaging Millennials in the WorkplacePDF6/13/2016326.30 KBDownload
Business is Social: How Companies Are Creating New Sources of ValuePDF6/13/2016168.38 KBDownload
Communications, Technology, Tools and ReportingPDF6/13/20163.23 MBDownload
Connecting Recognition to Brand ValuesPDF6/13/2016221.08 KBDownload
Communications, Technology, Tools and ReportingPDF6/9/20163.23 MBDownload
Capitalizing on Change: Skills for a New Era of B2B Marketing PDF6/13/20161.75 MBDownload
Choosing a Performance Improvement Company to Meet Your Company's NeedsPDF6/13/2016234.43 KBDownload