Maximize Your Health & Wellness Program with Merchandise Rewards

Maximize Your Health & Wellness Program with Merchandise Rewards

Maximize Your Health & Wellness Program with Merchandise Rewards

Health and Wellness Programs

An increasing number of companies are realizing that having a healthy workforce is paramount to combating higher insurance costs, employee absenteeism and reduced productivity.  Organizations that foster an environment of physical health and well-being will reap the benefits of having a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce. Health and wellness programs have continued to evolve over the years, first as a reaction to rising healthcare costs and have now become engrained in everyday corporate culture.

The very definition of the word incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action.  Putting together a rock solid incentive plan to promote a health and wellness program involves many steps.

  • How will measurable objectives be set that are tailored to the individuals participating in the program?
  • Will the program be participation based? Progress based? Outcome based?
  • Will the program involve a specific window of time or be ongoing?
  • How will employees be rewarded when attaining their goals?

The goal of any wellness program is to achieve a healthier workforce, and the way to do that is to ensure maximum participation by offering incentives that push those involved to meet their objectives.

Offering a reward package that includes items that not only reward the participants for their hard work, but also tie in with the push to adopt a healthy lifestyle is that much more important.  Having an assortment of items that are targeted towards the subject matter of the program will serve as both a reward and reminder of what the participant has achieved.  Imprinted and branded items will help to create that connection of success with the company that provided the incentive to do so.

The risk to reward ratio for any company that initializes a successful health and wellness program can be measured by the increased overall healthiness of the workforce compared to the time and money spent developing and running the program. Having a knowledgeable partner that has helped other companies enact a successful health and wellness initiative is invaluable.