How a Merchandise Expert Can Become Your Secret Weapon

How a Merchandise Expert Can Become Your Secret Weapon

How a Merchandise Expert Can Become Your Secret Weapon

How a Merchandise Expert Can Become Your Secret Weapon

You did it! After countless emails and phone conversations your hard work and diligent efforts paid off and you just wrapped up an awesome meeting with a hard won client. You did your homework, built a great relationship and now they need you to come through with a merchandise award program that is going to blow them away. They liked your idea so much that they want to fast track the project and asked you to make a presentation…next week.

Does this situation sound familiar?

You have all the information necessary to get started; budget, demographics, project goals and timeline. Sure, you have access to all of the industry tools and databases and have a collection of the latest brochures from your supplier contacts, but then you feel that clock start ticking…

Luckily you’re not alone. Enter the merchandise expert!

You’re a busy person with an ever expanding list of clients that you always need to make sure are delighted. Of course you could spend hours if not days putting together a selection of merchandise that is going to have your client performing cartwheels, but should you?

I’m going to draw an analogy here, so stay with me on this one. Think about all of those crime scene investigation shows that are on virtually every major network. You’re the lead investigator reporting to the chief of police or some other high ranking official. You have a slew of unsolved cases you need to close. Do you go about this on your own?

Of course not! You have a team of experts at your disposal with very specialized skill sets ready to help you crack the case. Whether it’s a forensics expert that notices the slightest detail or a profiler that can delve deep into the mindset of a suspect, you have the team in place to get the job done.

An experienced merchandise expert is like that team of specialized professionals. Ready to help you solve the case and become the hero.

A merchandise expert has a deep understanding of the power of motivation and will help you harness that power with creative merchandise solutions. They know how to analyze all of the variables that come into play to create a product assortment that makes the most sense for you and your client.

The merchandise expert treats award selections like ad agencies select media – basing it on objectives, audience and budget for maximum impact. Their past experience working with a diverse mix of demographics and program goals has cultivated an immeasurable understanding of the industry that will become an invaluable resource to you.

A merchandise expert understands how much is riding on the success of your program and is ready to help save you time, money and ensure you come out looking like a rock star!